Over 1 million euro investment

  • The 1.1 million euro investment represents the expansion of the fleet.
  • Filadelfia International Logistics registered a 7.5 million euro turnover in 2015, with a 9.5 million euro prediction for 2016.
  • Future investments will soon target the development of the warehouse network, with two new warehouses in Italy, Milano, and France.

Filadelfia International Logistics makes a 1.1 million euro investment for a brand new development strategy. The current fleet of 50 tractor heads and 50 semi-trailers just expanded with 10 new Volvo tractor heads and 10 new mega Schmitz semi-trailers.

“This fleet expansion is just a first step towards our company’s 5-years development plan.” says Ioan Sighiartău, Filadelfia International Logistics CEO.

“We opted for Volvo since they are always customer-oriented, highly efficient in solving potential problems, and they offer the best value for money with their lowest operating costs for this type of transport”, adds Ioan Sighiartău.

In 2015, Filadelfia International Logistics recorded a 7.5 million euro turnover, with 5% profit margin, approximately 375.000 euros. Predictions for 2016 state a 9.5 million euro turnover. The Filadelfia International Logistics staff currently brings together 80 professionals from the freight transport division and the expedition house.

Moreover, Filadelfia International Logistics will soon make new investments for expanding the storage network. The company will, therefore, open two new warehouses, in Italy (Milano) and France, thus actively developing the groupage freight transport. “We invested in transporting automobiles with specialized trailers, a segment that we are planning to continuously develop.  We will invest in the purchase of trailers and we have a budget of 200.000 euros for this purpose”, announces Ioan Eugen Sighiartău.

The most common international transport routes requested by the customers of Filadelfia International Logistics target the Western Europe: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary and Poland. New investments will therefore soon aim this particular area. The current fleet traveled 6 million km in 2015 and plans to cover approximately 7.5 million km in 2016.


Filadelfia Group is a 100% Romanian capital company, consisting of five individual companies: Tabita Tour, Filadelfia Turism, Filadelfia Construct, DirectAsig and Filadelfia International Logistics. The Group currently holds over 500 employees and in 2015 alone, it registered a 30 million euro turnover.