Quality services and sustainable transport solutions for our customers’ needs!

Filadelfia International Logistics provides domestic and European freight transport services through its own fleet and dispatch office.

With a modern fleet of 50 trucks, a staff trained at the highest level, and continuous investments in perfecting our services, our company is able to provide the most appropriate transport solutions, perfectly tailored to our customers’ needs: domestic and international transportation, brokerage and transport intermediation, logistics, forwarding, warehousing, and custom operations.

Freight Transport

The transport division successfully supports our customers’ needs through general cargo transport services and car transport services anywhere in the European Union. We are present throughout the entire European Community, where we work with the largest production and logistics companies, providing transport services of the highest quality standards, to our customers’ full satisfaction. Delivery of goods is always safe, always closely following the terms that our customers state.


Specifically designed for customers with small-sized freights who need international transportation, our services provide speed, efficiency, and low costs. You too can benefit from our short term delivery policy, fewer manipulations (uploads and downloads) of your merchandise, and highly attractive prices. Unlike full transport, groupage deals allow us to transport smaller goods, such as boxes, bales or parcels, from different orders, in one shipping, as long as they occupy together up to 80-90% of a truck’s volume.


To complete our range of services and to support the implementation of transport with maximum efficiency, our cargo transport division consists of an international storage and distribution network with over 9 warehouses in Romania (Arad, Bistriţa, Bucureşti, Oradea), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia) and France (Colmar). Our company is constantly investing in this booming sector by extending the storage network, thereby increasing the groupage cargo transports.